Coconut Oil For Dogs

Coconut oil is packed full of short chain and medium chain fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that are not only good for people, but excellent for dogs as well. Coconut oil benefits for dogs are very similar to the coconut oil benefits for people. Dog owners can give their dogs coconut oil daily to help improve their overall health, and it can be used topically to treat and soothe numerous conditions. When taken internally, coconut oil for dogs helps to strengthen the dog’s immune system, helps to keep their digestive tract healthy, and can help digestive disorders like inflamed bowels. Coconut oil for dogs also helps with canine arthritis and joint problems, and can help to soothe coughing fit and diminish hairball problems. This remarkable oil also helps senior dogs stay more mentally and physically active, and helps to reduce allergies and bad breath. In addition, when taken internally, coconut oil can help dogs maintain a healthy weight, helps to prevent canine diabetes, heart disease and cancer, and helps to treat fungal infections like Candida. When applied topically, coconut oil for dogs helps to heal wounds, soothe and heal insect bites, and helps to treat conditions like eczema. When used both internally and externally, coconut oil helps to keep the dog’s coat healthier and more luxuriant. There are brands of coconut oil made just for dogs or pet owners can simply use an unrefined organic virgin coconut oil made for people.

Is Coconut Oil Good For Dogs?

The health benefits of coconut oil for dogs are very similar to the health benefits of coconut oil for people. The benefits of coconut oil for dogs range from strengthening the dog’s immune system, fighting disease, improving the dog’s digestive system, and helping to soothe and prevent arthritis and similar joint problems. Dogs in their senior years can profit from the benefits of coconut oil as it helps to keep the mind and body more active, helps dogs to maintain a healthy body weight, and helps to prevent many disease and condition that dogs develop in their elderly years. The benefits of coconut oil for dogs also include helping to promote a healthy shiny coat, helping decrease allergies and helping to prevent hairballs. Coconut oil can also be used topically on dogs to help soothe itchiness, bug bites and help to treat skin conditions like eczema. The antiviral and antibacterial properties in coconut oil help to soothe insect bites and wounds, and help to promote healing. There are numerous brands of coconut oil that are excellent for dogs; dogs can be given either coconut oil made especially for pets, or coconut oil made for people. However, no matter what brand is used, it is best to use an oil that is unrefined, virgin and organic. It is recommended that dogs be given ¼ teaspoon per every ten pounds it weighs daily. The oil can be added to their water or food, or can be given straight.

Coconut Oil For Dogs With Allergies

Many dogs suffer from allergies; some are food related allergies, some are flea allergies, while others are environmental allergies. Many dog owners are forced to give their dog allergy medication daily to help keep their dog’s allergy symptoms under control; however, taking allergy medications daily is hard on the dog and can cause future health problems. Coconut oil for dogs can be a huge help in alleviating allergy symptoms and decreasing allergy attacks. Coconut oil can help alleviate skin itchiness, rashes, and soothe hot spots. Coconut oil is also excellent to use topically on itchy ears. To help a dog with allergies, coconut oil should be added to their daily diet and it should be used topically when needed. It is recommended that ½ teaspoon- 1 teaspoon per ten pounds be given daily; the oil can be added to the dog’s food or water, or given straight. To apply topically, the dog owner should warm the coconut oil up slightly by rubbing in their hands, so it is easy to apply and spread.

Coconut Oil For Cats

Coconut oil for cats has much the same health benefits as coconut oil for dogs. Coconut oil for cats helps to promote good overall health, and helps to prevent numerous diseases and conditions; it helps to prevent things like feline diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Giving coconut oil to a cat also helps to significantly decrease hairballs and helps their coats stay healthy and luxuriant. Coconut oil is especially good for senior cats as it helps to keep them more mentally and physically active, and helps to protect them from many of the ailments common in elderly cats. It also helps them maintain a healthy weight, which is especially important with older cats, as they are prone to weight problems. The oil can be given to them daily in their food or water, and can be used topically on them when needed. Coconut oil for cats can be used topically to help alleviate itching, to soothe skin conditions like eczema, and to help treat and heal wounds and insects bites. For its full benefits, coconut oil should be administered daily; the recommended dosage is ¼ teaspoon per ten pounds of cat. Cats can be given coconut oil made especially for pets or coconut oil made for people; however, regardless of the brand of oil used, it should be unrefined, organic and virgin.

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