Coconut Oil And Weight Loss

People who live south of the equator and eat coconuts and use coconut oil regularly, do not suffer from the obesity problems that people north of the equator suffer from. But why? People south of the equator have been enjoying the benefits of coconut oil for hundreds of years and are well aware of its nutritional value. Coconut oil helps to promote natural weight loss by helping to keep the thyroid gland healthy and functioning well. The thyroid gland controls the body’s metabolism and how many calories the body burns off. The short chain and medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil help to increase thyroid function, which in turn increases the body’s metabolism, which helps to increase energy levels and the amount of calories it burns off. When combined with exercise and a healthy diet, taking coconut oil for weight loss can lead to exceptional results.

Benefits Of Coconut Oil Weight Loss

Taking coconut oil for weight loss is a healthy all natural way to lose weight. Coconut oil for weight loss is far safer than many of the commercial weight loss products on the market. Coconut oil is all natural and does not contain all the chemicals and preservatives that most of the commercial weight loss products do. Using coconut oil for weight loss has the added benefit of helping to promote overall good health as it is jammed packed with tons of healthy acids, minerals and vitamins. By using coconut oil for weight loss, people not only enjoy an increase in energy and metabolism, but they also receive the added benefits of having a healthier digestive system and pancreas, a stronger immune system, and overall better health. Taking coconut oil for weight loss also helps to build muscles and strengthen bones. There are numerous benefits to losing weight in general, but when combined with the benefits of coconut oil, coconut oil for weight loss is unbeatable.

How To Use Coconut Oil For Weight Loss

Using coconut oil for weight loss is extremely easy as it can be incorporated into your daily routine so it’s not a bother or a hassle. Weight loss with coconut oil can be accomplished by taking it as a daily supplement and/or by using it in cooking and baking. To get the full benefits of coconut nutrition, you can take 3-5 teaspoons of it as a daily supplement. A daily supplement of coconut oil can be taken straight or combined in a breakfast smoothie or something similar. To achieve natural weight loss on a coconut oil diet, you can simply use it as your primary cooking oil, and use it as a butter, shortening and/or margarine substitute in baking and cooking. Coconut oil is the best of all the cooking oils; it is more stable than the other cooking oils are and does not produce dangerous cancer causing chemicals when heated to high temperatures like the other types of cooking oils do. To receive full coconut oil diet benefits, unrefined coconut oil should be used, as the large majority of refined oil is processed using chemicals that depletes most of the natural coconut oil nutrition.

How Much Coconut Oil For Weight Loss?

To get the full benefits from a coconut oil diet plan, it is recommended that 3-5 teaspoons be taken as a daily supplement. Once weight loss goals have been reached, coconut oil daily intake should be decreased to 2-3 teaspoons to help maintain a healthy weight and good health. One serving of coconut oil increases the body’s metabolism and energy levels for a 24 hour period, so coconut oil for weight loss should be taken at least once a day. The benefits of coconut oil and weight loss are best when combined with a healthy diet and daily exercise. Adding coconut oil to a daily diet by using it instead of other types of cooking oils, and using it instead of shortening, butter and margarine is an excellent way to get coconut oil nutrition and cut out unhealthy fats and processed foods. The best coconut oil for weight loss is organic virgin cold pressed unrefined coconut oils as they contain the highest amount of lauric, capric and caprylic acids, which help to promote natural weight loss.

Coconut Oil Weight Loss Reviews

There are numerous online forums, blogs and articles about coconut oil and weight loss. As we conducted our survey we found that the large majority of people spoke very positively about using coconut oil for weight loss and felt that it was far superior to any other diet aid they had tried. People commented on how much they liked using coconut oil as a natural weight loss aid as it was easy to incorporate into their daily life, was cheaper than many of the commercially made diet aids, and tasted great. People raved about how excellent it is to cook with, and how they enjoyed using it far more than the more commonly used cooking oils, There were also numerous comments in the reviews about coconut oil increasing energy and making them feel healthier.

One of the favorite coconut oils for weight loss is Nature’s Way Organic Coconut Oil. It is 100% certified organic, non-GMO, extra virgin, unrefined and Hexane-free.   Nature’s Way Organic Coconut Oil has no trans fat or hydrogenated fat, and is packed full of medium chain fatty acids that promote weight loss. Customer reviews for this oil and its impact on weight loss were very positive.

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