Fresh Shores Coconut Oil

Dr. Joseph Mercola of the very popular online health site sells Fresh Shores coconut oil and many other health food products like teas, vitamins and natural health supplements, health books, free-range meat and much more. Dr. Joseph Mercola is one of the leading natural health advocates on the internet, and has a following of millions of people. Dr. Mercola believes strongly that many health ailments can be prevented and healed through proper nutrition and herbal supplements, and feels that Fresh Shores coconut oil makes an excellent daily health supplement and overall health enhancer.  Fresh Shores coconut oil is made from fresh organic coconuts that are processed without heat within 48 hours of being picked. Fresh Shores coconut oil is GMO free, unrefined, and not bleached or deodorized. It also contains no additives, chemicals or other harmful ingredients. Fresh Shores coconut oil is available in three different sizes: 16 ounce, 32 ounce and a 1 gallon pail.

Fresh Shores coconut oil is extra virgin, organic, cold pressed and unrefined so it is as close to its natural state as possible. It is packed full of healthy short and medium chain fatty acids, vitamin K and E, and iron. It helps to boost the body’s immune system and helps to fight diseases, and promotes a healthy heart, thyroid and cholesterol levels. Fresh Shores coconut oil makes an excellent daily health supplement, is excellent for cooking and baking, and makes a nourishing skin and hair care product. It can also be used as a daily health supplement for cats and dogs. Fresh Shores coconut oil has a light coconut flavor and fragrance. When used as a daily health supplement, it is recommended that adults take 3-3 ½ tablespoons a day.

When compared to the other coconut oils on the market, Fresh Shores coconut oil rates very well. It is competitively priced with the other unrefined organic coconut oils, and offers everything those looking for a healthy coconut oil want. Fresh Shores coconut oil reviews are very positive; customers felt it was a quality coconut oil and enjoyed its light coconut taste and scent. Fresh Shores coconut oil is more difficult to obtain than many of the other brands of coconut oil, as it is not available in grocery stores or most health food stores; it can generally only be purchased online.

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