Coconut Oil Capsules - Our Review

Organic coconut oil capsules are the perfect solution for those who just want to take coconut oil as a health supplement. These capsules are easy and convenient to take, and are a great solution for those who do not like the taste of coconut, but want to enjoy all its amazing health benefits.

Organic Coconut Oil Capsules are filled with 100% organic extra virgin coconut oil that has been cold-pressed and unrefined to help it maintain as much of its natural goodness as possible. It contains no chemicals or artificial flavors or scents. It is also gluten-free, contains no fillers, no binders and has zero preservatives. Organic coconut oil capsules are made in a Vegan friendly and gluten free facility in the United States.

These capsules are jammed packed with healthy medium chain fatty acids such as lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid. These healthy fatty acids help to fight disease and maintain overall good health. Organic coconut oil capsules have amazing antibiotic, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant properties that are beneficial to the body in so many ways. Taking Organic coconut oil capsules daily, helps to manage the body's insulin and cholesterol levels;  kick starts the body’s metabolism which can help with weight loss and increased energy levels; boosts the body's immunity system; and helps to keep the body and mind healthy and strong.

Organic coconut oil capsules are not as versatile as buying coconut oil in a jar. You really cannot use them for cooking or for external hair and skin care. However, they are much more convenient and easy to take then coconut oil from a jar, and are perfect for those with a hectic schedule.

Organic coconut oil capsules only comes in 8 ounce containers that contain 120 soft capsules.


Key Facts

  • 100% all natural coconut oil
  • Coconut oil is in capsule form
  • Softgel capsule made from gelatin, glycerin, and water
  • Helps boost the immune system and fight off illness
  • Helps fight off yeast and fungal infections
  • Helps mange insulin and lower bad cholesterol
  • Made in the USA
  • GMP certified
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Gluten-free, zero binders, and no fillers, no preservatives and no additives. 
  • Easy to take capsules
  • Container Size: 8 ounces
  • An 8 ounce container contains 120 coconut oil capsules
  • Weight: .5 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 5 x 3 x 5 inches


Customer reviews for these capsules were generally very positive; about 80% of the customer reviews gave it a 5 stars rating. The biggest positive comment in the reviews was over how convenient and easy the capsule was to take. Reviewers loved that it was easy to take when they were “on the go” and many people commented on how surprisingly small the capsule was. Numerous customers stated that after taking it for just a short time it had already improved their overall health.

All the customers taking organic coconut oil capsules were doing so for health reasons, and many customers commented on how much it had helped. Reviewers commented on taking it for arthritis pain, to help ulcers, dry skin, to lower cholesterol and to help fend off viruses. Many reviewers also commented on using it for a weight loss aid and to help increase their energy levels. Several reviewers also commented on giving one to their dog daily to help improve its overall health.

Even though the majority of customer reviews for these capsules were extremely positive, there were a couple of negative customer reviews about it. One customer commented on when they opened the capsules' container and took a look at the capsules. There was a mixture of pure white and clear capsules and they didn’t know if it was safe to take. Another customer complained that they use false advertising; he said that gelatin was not Vegan.

Overall, the vast majority of customers who bought these capsules were extremely pleased with their purchase and planned on buying it again. The convenience of coconut oil in capsule form was extremely popular with customers.



  • 100% all natural coconut oil
  • GMP certified and made in the United States
  • Cold pressed and unrefined
  • Small easy to take capsules
  • Boosts the immune system and helps ward off illness
  • Safe for both people and pets
  • Helps reduce bad cholesterol and stabilizes insulin
  • Fights off yeast and fungal infections
  • Helps boost metabolism, increases energy and aids in weight loss
  • Gluten-Free, zero binders, no fillers, preservatives or additives
  • Excellent for good heart health


  • May not be completely vegan friendly if gelatin is made from animal bi-products
  • Comes in a plastic container
  • Not for cooking or external skin or hair care