Parachute Coconut Oil

Parachute coconut oil is made by the Marico company. Marico’s head office is located in India and they have offices and manufacturers in India, USA, Egypt, UAE, South Africa and Bangladesh. Marico does not just produce Parachute products, they also produce Hair Code, Fiancee, Mediker, Silk & Shine and Nihar. Marico primarily makes hair care products that contain either coconut oil or Safflower oil.  Parachute coconut oil is a popular brand throughout most of the world, particularly India; however, it is not as popular as some of the other brands of coconut oil in North America. Parachute coconut oil is made from 100% pure coconut oil that is imported from India.

Parachute coconut oil is a hair and skin care product. It works excellent as a deep conditioner for hair and helps to make hair healthier and more luxuriant; it reduces protein loss in hair by up to 28%. Parachute coconut oil is especially good for dry frizzy hair. It is also excellent as a skin care product and helps to decrease the look of wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. It also helps skin retain moisture and stay younger looking. Parachute coconut oil has a rich coconut scent and is lighter than other types of coconut hair oils. It is available in several sizes, ranging from 100ml to one liter bottles. It is not a cooking oil, nor is it suitable as a daily health supplement.

When we compared Parachute coconut oil reviews with other coconut oil reviews, Parachute coconut oil reviews were moderately positive. One Parachute coconut oil reviewer commented on how soft and manageable it made their previously dry hair, while another reviewer stated that they loved it as a skin cream. There were some reviewers that stated that they did not enjoy the fragrance of it as they found it too strong smelling. Compared to other coconut oil products made especially for hair and skin care, Parachute coconut oil is considered a good brand and is less expensive than much of their competition. Parachute coconut oil is available in some grocery stores and department stores, and online.

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