Buying Coconut Oil

When one purchases coconut oil for the first time, it can be very confusing. There is a wide variety of coconut oil; it is available as refined or unrefined, cold pressed, expeller pressed or bleach and deodorized, organic or non-organic, and virgin or extra virgin, plus many more. The type of coconut oil to purchase depends very much, on what it is going to be used for. The best overall coconut oil is one that is organic, virgin or extra virgin, cold pressed and unrefined, as it is by far the healthiest of all coconut oils. However, for those who dislike the scent and flavor of coconut and want to use it for cooking, a refined coconut oil may be best, as it is scentless and flavorless. When buying a refined coconut oil, it is best to buy one that is organic and expeller pressed, so it retains as many of its healthy benefits as possible. When buying coconut oil it is best to avoid any that are hydrogenated, as they contain unhealthy long chain fatty acids. When buying coconut oil as a daily health supplement or to help treat skin conditions like eczema, an unrefined coconut oil that is cold pressed is the best as it contains the most healthy medium chain fatty acids.

Where To Buy Coconut Oil

Where can I get coconut oil? Where to get coconut oil can be confusing as a high quality coconut oil can be hard to find. Many grocery stores that carry coconut oil, only carry refined coconut oil, and in many cases only coconut oils that are hydrogenated and unhealthy. Where to buy coconut oil that is high quality and full of health benefits? The best place to buy coconut oil that is organic, unrefined, cold pressed and virgin is from a health food store or online. Where can I find coconut oil online? Coconut oil can be purchased from numerous online stores that specialize in health food products; it can also be purchased from non-specialized online stores.

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