Pure Coconut Oil

Pure or raw coconut oil is coconut oil that is 100% pure with no added artificial or synthetic flavors or colors, no herbal extracts, and no additives or chemicals of any type. Pure coconut oil is usually unrefined; however, it can be refined as long as it is neither deodorized or bleached, as these two processes require the use of chemicals. Pure coconut oil has a coconut flavor and scent, and makes an excellent cooking oil, is great for baking, and makes a fantastic skin and hair care product. Pure coconut oil also makes an excellent daily health supplement, and can be used as a health supplement for pets. The cost of pure coconut oil is slightly cheaper than the price of unrefined coconut oil. Raw coconut oil is very stable and has a two year shelf life. Pure coconut oil is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Pure Coconut Oil Benefits

As pure coconut oil does not contain any additives or chemicals and is processed in a way that does not affect its beneficial properties, it is jammed packed with healthy nutrients, vitamins and fatty acids. Raw coconut oil contains lauric acid, caprylic acid and capric acid, and vitamins and nutrients like vitamin K and E, and iron. Pure coconut oil has the highest amount of lauric acid next to mother’s milk and contains high quantities of antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.  The benefits of pure coconut oil include promoting a healthy heart, thyroid and cholesterol levels. It helps to prevent and fight diseases like HIV, cancer, diabetes, heart diseases and Alzheimer’s disease. Benefits also include boosting the body’s immune system, increasing metabolism and energy, and helping with weight loss and sustaining a healthy weight. In addition, pure coconut oil benefits also include helping to soothe and treat skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis, and helping skin and hair stay healthier and more vibrant. The benefits of pure coconut oil are best obtained when taken as a daily supplement; it is recommended that 2-4 tablespoons be taken daily. Pure coconut oil can be taken straight, or added to food and/or drinks. When used topically, it should be used daily as needed. It can also be given to pets as a daily supplement or used on them topically to treat skin conditions, wounds and insect bites.

Best Pure Coconut Oil

There are numerous companies that offer pure coconut oil; however, one of the very best is Dr. Bronner’s Fresh-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil. It is made from fresh young coconut kernel, and is both virgin and unrefined to help it retain all its natural goodness. This oil is excellent for both baking and cooking, makes a superb skin and hair care product, and is excellent as a daily supplement. Due to the way it is processed, Dr. Bronner’s Fresh-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil retains much of its natural flavor and has a nuttier taste than many other types of pure coconut oil do. This oil is excellent for treating diaper rash and skin conditions in babies. It is safe for pets and can be given to dogs and cats as a daily supplement, or used topically to treat skin conditions. Dr. Bronner’s Fresh-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil White Kernel Unrefined comes in an environmentally friendly 14-ounce glass jar.

Where Can I Buy Pure Coconut Oil?

Many people wonder where to buy pure coconut oil. Pure or raw coconut oil can be more difficult to find than many of the other types of coconut oil, like unrefined coconut oil. People can sometimes buy pure coconut oil at health food stores and at some high end grocery stores, but most people buy pure coconut oil online. When shopping online, people can find a wide variety of pure coconut oil brands for a good price.

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