LouAna Pure Coconut Oil 30oz Review

LouAna coconut oil is the perfect coconut oil for those looking to buy a good quality coconut oil in large quantities for a low price. LouAna Pure Coconut Oil is 100% pure and natural. It does not contain any chemicals or artificial flavors or scents.  Itis extremely versatile, and can be used for a variety of things ranging from cooking and baking to skin and hair care. Like all coconut oils, LouAna coconut oil contains healthy medium chain fatty acids that help to fight disease and maintain good health. When used regularly, LouAna coconut oil can be beneficial to health, inside and out.

This coconut oil is extremely versatile. It is excellent to use in the kitchen for cooking and baking, and can be used as a margarine, butter, shortening and vegetable oil substitute. Unlike many other types of coconut oil, LouAna coconut oil is refined and has no strong coconut scent or flavor. It has a high smoke point and doesn't leave a coconut taste on everything it is cooked with, making it better for cooking and baking with, than many of the more expensive brands are. Due to the bulk size LouAna coconut oil is sold in, it is affordable to use for all your cooking needs.

LouAna coconut oil also makes a healthy alternative to commercial hair and skin care products. It makes a superb deep hair conditioner for dry, damaged, fly away hair; it makes a great shaving cream and make-up remover; and it makes a superb all-over body lotion. LouAna coconut oil is excellent as a massage oil and makes a fantastic carrier oil for essential oils. It is also excellent for those wanting to make their own health care items like toothpaste, sunscreen and scented lotion. LouAna coconut oil is also safe for pets and can be given to them as a daily health supplement and used on them externally to treat skin irritations.

LouAna coconut oil comes in a two pack of 30L pails for a very affordable price. It is a good coconut oil for those looking to buy in bulk for a very low price. LouAna coconut oil is one of the least expensive coconut oils on the market today. It's an excellent choice for small restaurants, massage therapists, people who make their own health care products, and people who like to use it in all their cooking. LouAna coconut oil is available online and at stores like Walmart.


Key Facts

  • Non-hydrogenated, no trans fat  and no cholesterol.
  • Refined
  • 100% Pure coconut oil and all natural
  • Excellent for cooking and baking
  • A healthy alternative for margarine, butter, shortening and other cooking oils.
  • Has 120 calories per tablespoon
  • Kosher friendly


There was not very many customer reviews for LouAna coconut oil; however, the few there are, are generally fairly positive. One customer commented that he found it fantastic for all his cooking needs. Another customer stated that she liked the fact that it had no coconut taste or scent, and that she used it constantly for cooking and frying. One other positive review mentioned that she liked it for cooking too, and used it instead of other types of cooking oil due to all the healthy properties that coconut oil has.

There were a couple of moderately negative reviews. One customer review commented on how she purchased LouAna coconut oil by mistake, and found it lacking compared to other brands of coconut oil; she was not happy that it didn't have any coconut taste or scent, and it was a light grey color instead of white. The reviewer stated that she would be using it for a base for homemade beauty products and would not buy it again. One other unhappy reviewer stated her two pails leaked and showed up covered in oil. She was very unhappy that she had to take the time to clean the outside of the pails before she could even use it.

There were only five customer reviews we found for this product as of the writing of this review; three were positive and two were moderately negative. Overall, more than half of those who reviewed LouAna coconut oil were happy with their purchase.



  • Excellent price; one of the least expensive coconut oils on the market today
  • Pure coconut oil
  • No strong coconut taste or scent
  • Excellent for cooking
  • Sold in bulk
  • Kosher


  • Not organic; could be GMO
  • Lower quality coconut oil than many other brands
  • Light grey color; not white like it should be
  • Pails may leak
  • Not the best to use for a health supplement
  • Not cold-pressed or made in a way that helps retain its natural beneficial properties
  • Comes in a plastic pail/container